e-TECH 2.0

Beginning the Journey

Mediasite Stuff

There is a great resource available called 'Mediasite' You may have heard of it. Very excellent for random pieces of information and instructional videos. While the site is not real specific towards any major field, it does provide a lot of great informational training for those mundane things. Don't get me wrong however, there is some real exciting stuff here as well. All video resources found here are a result of the work of the fine people over at Mediasite. I do not own these video's, or claim any work on them. I am merely providing a form of distribution.

Go To Mediasite

Turnitin Training:

For Universities using the Blackboard-Turnitin module. Very good information to deal with plagarism on an electronic level.

Go To Training

Putting Media into your Blackboard Site

Go To Training

Blackboard Navigation and Tools

Go To Training


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