e-TECH 2.0

Beginning the Journey


Well, I finally did it. I bought my own domain, and a host so I can run my own blog. One thing I am really going to miss though is this

Andreas04 1.0 by Andreas Viklund

Template that I have been using. Unfortuneatly when you decide to go out on your own, and continue to use the free WordPress software, there are some things you give up in liu of functionality. Kewl thing is that I can modify code now, and do some server-side scripting on my site. My own special message, PLEASE! Mr. Viklund, let us have this template!!! I love it.

Oh, incidentally, the person I am hosting with has got an increadible deal going right now….

In addition to getting my OWN domain name, and website, they have an amazing tool called c-Panel which allows you to install and run a WordPress blog from your own website. You only have to click on a couple of things, and BOOM! you are back in business. Another great thing about c-Panel is that it gives you a choice of 4 different blogging platforms, several course management systems, and even DRUPLE! There is alot in this nice little package. The rates are amazinly low, and you can do multiple domains, unlimited subdomains, unlimited e-mails, the works! Man those Peregrine boys know how to make it happen!

So if you are ready to take the next step in your personally blogging world, call my new friends; Drew or Jordan over at Peregrine Hosting.

By the way I won't be updating this site anylonger, but you can see me over at my new home.


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